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Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators or POGOs are online gambling firms that operate in the Philippines but cater to customers outside the country. To operate legally they must be licensed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).

An article on asgam.com reports, "The government of Makati City in Manila shut down a Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator (POGO) and arrested 51 people this week after the company was found to be operating illegally. According to local media reports, 50 Chinese workers and one Burmese man employed by Hua Xin were taken into custody on Monday for operating without a business permit and violating community quarantine protocols."


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Rebecca Bell says

"I've been a member of Pogo for 18 years and I am definitely done. They've taken all the really great games away - they've done away with the spinner and tokens - all of the graphics are on a Childs level - I'm just not interested anymore and I'm leaving them and getting the remainder of my money back for this current membership. Anyone know of any other good gaming sites that are comparable to what Pogo "used" to be?"

Sylvia Griffin says

"The old Pogo was fun and I was a member for many years, however, now It is ruined!!! You can't play most games that are HD, they jerk and stop! Pogo has been ruined! What happened to the old games, Sweet Tooth, Squelches, Spooky Slots,...etc. Players online used to be in the hundreds of thousands at any given time, now there maybe 10,000 to 14,000! I figured EA Arts is losing about $12,000,000.00 a year! I guess they don't care!!! Maybe another letter WRITTEN to the CEO of EA Arts should be done again!"

Scott Harper says

"If there were 0 stars that would be my pick. Long time member and Pogo is horrible now. Wish i would have never renewed. Bad decision, games freeze, programming issues everyday. This is a great site gone HORRIBLY BAD! Every one in a while stuff is just fine the way it is. Change if not always for the better, Pogo has demonstrated that amazingly well. VERY DISAPPOINTED and will probably wait hours to get my money back. Ugh......."

Caitlyn Harger says

"Terrible, not fun anymore and the customer service isn't any better. I struggled for over an hour to get a refund on a subscription when somehow when I went to link an account to a new email it just created a completely new account... Don't give EA your money, they don't deserve it, and they ruined something that used to be great."

thedoctorand says

"I used to play Pogo games in the late 2000's, as there were loads of great games to play. Came back today after over 10 years, and I'm massively disappointed. Couldn't find any of the games I remember, even simple ones like pool/snooker are gone. Game choice is absolutely poor now. Many seem to be puzzle games or hidden object games, which becomes boring very quickly."

Rosario Licata says

"Pogo does not follow harassment issues. Long ago it was a good place to play. Nowadays it is a site to get anxious; I play to relax. I have been a member since they started. I will not be renewing my membership."

Larry Willman says

"Long ago Pogo was fantastic, it's barely a shell of what it once was. I've yet to find a game that isn't controlled or rigged in some fashion...Their slots is the most obvious. Others just freeze up if you are on a winning streak. But slots..They claim it isn't a casino game, yet it's listed under casino games. Most often while wheels are spinning, you can tell it's going to skip over any big payouts, just too obvious. If you should win free spins, it obviously switches screens, something that has worse payouts. If you ever go to the forums to post your thoughts, you're not allowed to write/post anything negative. You can't be honest...no free speech there. One of their Knoxie moderators will have it deleted before you leave the forum. I will never believe they are volunteers, I believe they are Pogo/EA staffers on patrol. They say they are family oriented, nothing is farther from the truth. My wife gets hit up 2 to 3 times per day to go into private chats. She does noting to get that treatment. Ya can complain to Pogo/EA sports...they basically tell you to talk to the hands, the eyes ain't reading it. So the pervs & lurkers win again. You can't block them..they keep coming through. Just think..that could be your preteen son or daughter getting hit up. Pogo just isn't what it once was."

VAR says

"Boring Boring Boring and childish, that is the only way to describe this game site anymore. Gone are friends and fun and you can rest assured that the mods are just as ignorant and rude as always. And all for a monthly or yearly fee! Cancelled and will not be back."

Patty says

"I had been a Pogo member since October 2000. One of the first members. I've seen many changes, some good, some bad. The jackpot spins were great. A couple of my sisters even won some money. Not much, $10. Pogo also had a system where the members could cash in tokens and try to win jackpot spins. That was discontinued. I still played games on Pogo and very much enjoyed them. Loved the minis! Loved the tokens and am sad the tokens are being taken away. Pogo will never be the same when 250,000 members would play and chat. Hardly anyone visits the site now. I also have cancelled my membership. Tokens were wonderful. Sadly, goodbye Pogo! ☹️"

Lightning Sparx says

"I use to LOVE Pogo. I played for over a decade. The games, the tokens... the minis, chat. Now it looks like not only have they removed everything that made Pogo fun but they even changed the way badges looked? Wow... Pogo will always be a great memory for me. But this new Pogo is a joke. Yea, you can switch to classic.... but it doesnt stay classic for long. It switches back if you click on anything on the site. Also like I said, most of the things we enjoyed are gone. I really loved the jackpot spins too, I never won... but just knowing there was a chance.... well it made things exciting. Shame... you had a actual gem, and you are ruining it."

Ana Mo says

"I haven't been on pogo in years, and I just logged on and it was terrible! It's so different and spades isn't even the same anymore. It used to be the best, put now it's terrible! I'm so annoyed by this!!!"

Lady K says

"Been playing pogo for more then 17 years and I just logged on after not playing in a while and it really sucks. I couldn't even play a game of spades, smh it is completely ridiculous. Looking for a new gaming site, any suggestions?"

Tom Bender says

"cancelled my pogo account after restarting it a couple of months ago. All my favourite games are gone replaced with games like candy crush. So you pay for a subscription and then they want you to buy gems when you cant complete a level. all of their games are pretty much level based now..."

Lee Jankielsztajn says

"Pogo used to be fun back then but it’s not worth it anymore. Not even worth paying for a membership."

Elizabeth Villing says

"Disappointed & unhappy I've been playing POGO for over 12 years & was a paying member until a year ago. I didn't renew because the games I played (Bridge, Jigsaw Detective, Hangman Hijinks, and Word Whomp Whackdown) were removed. Subsequently more of my favorites changed to where they were only available with Flash (Dominoes and Monopoly). Furthermore, I haven't be able to play Monopoly for the last 2 days for reasons unknown. Playing a single game of Word Whomp takes 15 seconds to 2 minutes. Now after each game, I am forced to sit through a commercial that lasts 5 seconds (if I'm lucky) to 1+ minutes, a ratio completely disproportionate to the amount of play. Now you can only play one game unless you sign up to become a paying member of POGO. Bottom line, I am disappointed and unhappy and am glad I didn't renew my subscription."

Anne Melton says

"You know I really enjoyed the old Pogo but there's so many rude and nasty people on this site now why are they still operational I'm sorry they're not from the United States"

lolo says

"POGO is so terrible I did not renew my membership, all game that I liked are gone and the others are not worth the money, so I let it go."

Matt Freese says

"pogo POGO now Postby Grabby337 » June 10th, 2020, 5:24 pm I have loved playing pogo for many many years. The games I play (ed) were spades, chess and risk. The people that developed these games knew what they were doing. They did a good job of making a good product and I am sad to see it thrown out for a child like replacement. Know your customers POGO. You can blame not keeping the original content because of Flash not being supported but why not try to develop something similar. OK NEW COKE. CHANGE WHAT YOU WERE DOING RIGHT JUST FOR THE POGO OF IT. POGO gets rewarded again. RIP pogo. P lanning O n G oing O ut of business User avatar Grabby337 Pogo Member Posts: 1 Joined: October 26th, 2018, 9:35 pm Offline"

Lee Stauffer says

"pogo is terrible"

Ranika Johnson says

"I have been playing Pogo for over at least 10 years, and for the first time I hate POGO. Seriously who designed this mess, they should be fired! I was happy to see Canasta made the cut, but after I paid for Club Pogo just to play Canasta I was highly disappointed. ITS BORING!!! Not just Canasta, but the whole set up makes me wanna puke. I'm calling someone to get my money back because I dont want to pay for Pogo, it sucks! Some things aren't meant to be changed."